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Inspection Station:

Daviess County Health Department
609 A. South Main
Gallatin, MO 64640
Phone: 660-663-2414  






Gallatin Fire Protection District
PO Box 11
Gallatin   MO 64640



    November incident responses

    2nd    1410 hrs   Medical Assist at 502 S. Main

    2nd    1602 hrs   Medical Assist at 102 S. Maple

    3rd     1919 hrs   Off-road or heavy equipment fire at Hwy 6 & Hwy K

    5th     1645 hrs   Motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Hwy 6 east of 239th

    7th     0839 hrs   Medical Assist at 807 W. Richardson

    12th   1746 hrs   Dispatched & canceled enroute to Highway 13 south of 240th

    14th   1419 hrs   Dispatched & canceled enroute to Hwy DD & Kodiak mutual aid
                                 with Jameson Fire

    16th   1316 hrs   Medical Assist at 1203 W. Grand

    19th   1136 hrs   Medical Assist at 501 E. Park

    19th   1159 hrs   EMS Call at 501 E. Park

    21st   1600 hrs   Public service at Main & Richardson

    October incident responses

    2nd   1902 hrs    Medical Assist at 602 N Dunnington

    2nd   1904 hrs    Aircraft standby, landing zone at Dockery Park

    3rd    1518 hrs    Brush fire at Slade Ave & Hwy CC

    8th    1809 hrs    Dispatched & canceled enroute to Highway 6 west for a vehicle accident

    9th    1300 hrs    Public service mutual aid with Jameson Fire

    19th  1705 hrs    Brush fire at July Ave & 250th mutual aid with Jameson Fire

    20th  0955 hrs    Tree fire at 102 W. Brandom

    25th  1809 hrs    Overheated motor or wiring at 411 N Clay

    27th  0456 hrs    Medical Assist at 412 W Ogden

    27th  1210 hrs    Medical Assist at 24881 Hwy DD mutual aid with KAW Fire

    30th  0818 hrs    Medical Assist at 102 N. Main

    30th  0830 hrs    Public service at the fire station (202 N Water)

    31st  1800 hrs    Public service at Grand & Main

    Mutual aid response with Jameson Fire Protection District on a brush fire

    October 19th, Chief Hamilton

    On Monday at 1705 hrs, Jameson Fire requested our assistance for a large brush fire.
    Jameson requested brush trucks and a tanker respond.
    Brush 104, Brush 105, Brush 106 & Tanker 103 responded.
    We arrived on scene and assigned to extinguishment on the north side of the fire near 
    July Ave. Jameson also requested brush trucks & tankers from Jamesport Fire & Rescue 
    and Coffey Fire Protection District.

    Fireworks Display Standby at Dockery Park

   Mutual aid response on Highway M & 310th St. for vehicle accident

   May 12th, Chief Hamilton

   On Tuesday at 2:36 pm, Rescue 107 responded with crew of 4 to a mutual aid request
   with Breckenridge Fire on a vehicle rollover with victim still inside. We arrived on scene
   and found no extrication was needed and assisted Community Ambulance District
   of Daviess County with victim removal and care.

    Response to a Gas Leak and Pickup Fire

    April 29th, Assistant Chief Kloepping

    At 5:53 pm on Wednesday evening, Gallatin fire responded to a residence at 711 W.
    Johnson St. for a reported gas leak caused from being struck by a lawn mower. 
    Engine 101 & Brush 104 responded with three firefighters.

    At 6:18 pm another call was received for a vehicle fire at 27849 220th St. Engine 101, 
    Tanker 103, Brush 104 & Brush 105 responded with five firefighters. The pickup truck was 
    found in a field near the address.


    Firefighters respond to a building fire on Hwy M

    April 25th, Chief Hamilton

    On Saturday morning at 8:20 am, Gallatin Fire responded to 26823 Hwy M at the Johnson
    Hog Farms for a building fire. Engine 101 responded with six firefighters. We arrived to find
    an 8 ft. x 14 ft. outbuilding fully involved in flames. Two exposures were in close proximity
    to the fire. The exposures were protected and the fire extinguished. The building was 
    used to store medicine and supplies for the operation.


    Mutual Aid response with Jameson and Coffey Fire District's for a brush fire

     March 15th, Chief Hamilton

     At 2:21 pm on Sunday afternoon, Brush 105 responded with a crew of three to assist on a
     large brush fire. Multiple agencies responded to assist at the fire located between Forest 
     Avenue & Highway B along 280th Street. Nearly 300 acres of brush burned.

    Brush fire response on 210th Street

    March 14th, Chief Hamilton

    On Saturday evening, Gallatin Fire responded to a brush fire in the area of 210th St & Vista
    Ave. Responding to the scene were Brush 104, Brush 105, Brush 106, Tanker 103 & 
    Rescue 107 with ten firefighters. Upon arrival we found approximately 10 acres burning. 
    Fire was spreading towards a residence with outbuildings to the south. A defensive 
    operation was setup to protect the buildings.
    Mutual aid was requested from KAW Fire & Hamilton Fire. The fire was extinguished with
    no structures damaged and no injuries. Approximatley 25 acres were consumed by fire 
    that started from a landowner burning debris.


             Firefighters respond to Highway M for a brush fire

           March 12th, Captain McBroom 
           Thursday at 4:37 pm, Brush 104, Brush 105 & Tanker 103 with 4 firefighters 
           responded to 28026 Highway M for a small brush fire. Fire was caused by the
           landowner burning debris.

        Large brush fire consumes at least 100 acres and 110 hay bales

           March 12th, Assistant Chief Gann

           On Thursday at 1:05 pm, Gallatin Fire responded to a reported brush fire at 220th
           Street south of Ridge Avenue. Brush 104, Brush 105 and Tanker 103 responded 
           with six firefighters. Mutual aid was requested from Jameson Fire District, KAW
           Fire District and Hamilton Fire District. Cause of the fire is unknown.

         Diver's standby for the Polar Plunge

        March 7, 2015, Assistant Chief Kloepping

        On Saturday afternoon the Polar Plunge was held at Lake Viking.                                   
        Our diver's were requested to standby for the event. The Polar Plunge is a project of 
        the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Missouri. The event is hosted by 
        Daviess County Sheriff's Office, Crossroads CC, and Chillicothe CC.


Engine 101 & Brush 104 respond to outbuilding fire

February 20, 2015, Chief Hamilton
At 2354 hrs on Friday the 20th, Gallatin Fire was dispatched to 24242 Prairie Ave.
for a dog kennel on fire. Engine 101 & Brush 104 responded with a crew of five. Upon arrival, we found an outbuilding approximately 20 ft. x 30 ft. in size fully involved with fire. A 1.75" handline was deployed for extinguishment. Fire was called under control
at 0021 hrs. Crews remained on scene for a couple of hours extinguishing embers. The outbuilding was completely destroyed. We were informed by the owners that the building was used as a dog kennel. It was found that 8 dogs perished in the fire.

Rescue 107 assist with extrication near Altamont

February 11, 2015, Chief Hamilton

At 1913 hrs on Wednesday the 11th, Rescue 107 responded with six to assist KAW Fire District on a two vehicle accident with entrapment on both vehicles. We arrived on scene and was assigned to help with extrication and disentaglment on a passenger car. Access was gained via driver's side and the patient was extricated then transported by Lifeflight Eagle. Three ambulances responded and transported two more patients.

New Fire Station - progress...  



  " Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives "
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A Fireman's Prayer

When I am called to duty, God, wherever flame may rage,

Give me strength to save some life, whatever be its age.

Help me embrace a little child, before it is too late,

Or save an older person from, the horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout,

And quickly and efficiently, to put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling, and to give the best in me,

To guard my every neighbor, and protect his property.

And if according to my fate, I am to lose my life,

Please Bless with your protecting hand, my children

And my wife.

 -Author Unknown