In Memory Of...

The Fire Fighters Memorial Foundation of Missouri is located in Kingdom City, Missouri

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In Memory of...

Fire Chiefs of our past

Harold Walker (Chief 1990-91)

Roy Hillman (Chief 1963-90)

Jackie Jones

Eddie Elbert

Bill Shafer

Ivan Wilder

Bob Davis

A. F. Seller

Lynn Dunnington            passed 10/29/2020, previous member

Phil Tate                         passed 12/22/2019, previous member

Darrell Wilson Sr.           passed 4/21/2017, member 1980-2017, previous Assistant Chief (non Line-of-Duty)

Connie Bashford            passed 7/11/2016, previous member

Chad Youngs                 passed 2/28/2016, member 2001-2016, Captain 2015-2016 (non Line-of-Duty)

Jackie Jones                  passed 10/15/2014, previous member and Chief

Dr. David Mackintosh     passed 3/20/2014, previous member of 36 years (1954-1990)

Ray Carder                     passed 2/22/2014, previous member of 20 years

Bob Gibson                     passed 8/5/2012, previous member of 16 years (1991-2007)

John Wood Jr.                 passed 9/23/2010, member of 23 years (1987-2010), (non Line-of-Duty)

Kenny Fales                    passed 1/24/2010, previous member

Larry Hester                    passed 8/20/2009, previous member of 14 years

Roger Loxterman            passed 10/8/2007, previous member of 41 years and Assistant Chief

Harold Walker                 passed 11/14/2007, previous member and Chief 1990-1991

Jim Pierce                       passed 10/11/2002, previous member

Todd Renne                    passed 9/6/2000, previous member

Tony Hale                       passed 12/28/1996, previous member

Jim Walker                      passed 10/9/1992, previous member

Roy Hillman                    passed 9/8/1993, previous member of 37 years (1953-1990) and Chief (1963-90)

Ivan Wilder                     passed 7/30/1985, previous member and served as Chief

Bill Shafer                       passed 1978, previous member and served as Chief

Eddie Elbert                    passed 3/26/1975, previous member and served as Chief

Bob Davis                       passed in 1974, previous member and served as Chief

Arnold "Oxie" Loxterman   passed in 1971, previous member

Homer C. Yates              passed 5/24/1961, previous member (son of Thomas B. Yates)

A. F. Seller                      passed, served as Chief for twenty years in early 1900's

Samuel T. Brosius          passed 6/22/1932 (pic), Volunteer Firemen 1893

George S. Tuggle           passed 12/30/1932, Volunteer Firemen 1893

Samuel O. Venable        passed 6/7/1930, Volunteer Firemen 1893

Charles McDonald         passed 4/5/1928, Volunteer Firemen 1893

Thomas B. Yates           passed 1914, Volunteer Firemen 1893

John H. Townsend (Major)    passed 1907, Volunteer Firemen 1893

Milt Ewing                       passed 7/11/1899, Volunteer Firemen 1893

S. P. Richardson            passed 2/15/1899, Volunteer Firemen 1893

John Wynne                   passed 1895, Volunteer Firemen 1893

A. C. Goodwin                passed, Volunteer Firemen 1893

J. W. Alexander              passed, Volunteer Firemen 1893

A. W. Dalh                      passed, Volunteer Firemen 1893

C. A. Randall                  passed, Volunteer Firemen 1893

Jas. A. Myers                 passed, Volunteer Firemen 1893

W. F. Osborne               passed, Volunteer Firemen 1893

(all above are non Line-of-Duty)